Stunning Condos Situated in Luxurious Setting Making Them the Pride of Tampines

Luxurious, pristine condos ranging from one to five bedrooms, boasting up to an expansive 160 square metres space, the Treasure at Tampines in Singapore is set to be one of the most prestigious locations available in up and coming Singaporean real-estate.

Lying in close proximity to two main metro stations, malls, a variety of stores and boutiques, these gorgeous condos come with all of the close convenience of an upscale urban apartment combined with the elegance and style of a country-side manor.

Tampines hosts a large variety of Singaporean nature and wildlife, containing hiking and biking trails, expansive nature walking paths, a nature reserve and even hosts its own Eco Green Park. This location offers an opportunity to improve family health and well-being for individuals and their loved ones desiring the comfort of a pristine home, accompanied by facilities and amenities almost at their doorstep.

Family life strives in Tampines being situated amongst a wealth of well-established schools, colleges and a university. The condos are constantly monitored and secured by professional security, making this charming location a safe-haven for children, youth, adults and the aged. The condos contain a range of facilities including children’s play areas, a gymnasium, outdoor recreational areas, tennis courts, a club house, a swimming pool and more for family enjoyment.

Being brought to life by the renowned Singaporean construction group, Sim Lian Group, Treasure at Tampines has been skillfully wrought to use the fine location to its greatest potential. The group excells at fine workmanship, taking immaculate care in producing robust, efficient designs which, using their over forty years of experience in developing family homes, commercial and retail properties, have culminated in a true gem located in the South-Eastern corner of Singapore.

Combining all of the elements of healthy, quality living, this space has to much to offer for individuals from all walks of life.