How to make money as a college student

Attending college or university can be expensive enough because a student needs to fulfill variety of costs and expenses in terms of text books, tuition fee, housing, food and so on. Keeping the education continue can be hard if there are a fewer financial resources but doing a part time job or applying for a student loan is the best way to fulfill study related costs. Thanks to the internet, students can find a lot of web based jobs to make money in their spare time. They can use their smart skills and expertise to find best suitable online jobs not only to make extra bucks but to enhance professional experience as well. Doing a job during the studies not only help a student pay of bills or student loan but can also help expand relevant experience in the field to advance the career in a best way. If you …

Odd Ways Of Making Money Online


There are many online jobs that people can find and do however getting your foot in the door so to speak when it comes to making money online can be very challenging. The task of training oneself to be self sufficient by means of the computer is a scary thought if you are not prepared to embrace the change. Here we go into some simple examples of crazy ways people made money online without any previous experience or help.

#1 Invent a Simple and Unique Toy Concept

Even Though the internet was just a concept at the time the application is the same. In 1975 a man named Gary Dahl invented something that was so strange and unique it struck a chord with many peoples across a wide range of age groups. His idea was the bizarre idea of a “Pet Rock”. In quite possibly the best example of efficiency …