My Daughter Loves to Play Piano

I have very little musical talent. I am able to carry a half way decent tune, but that is about it. I have never had the desire to play the piano or any other musical instrument, and my husband is the same. That is why I was surprised when my eight year old daughter asked if she could take piano lessons. She first heard the piano in church, but I never knew she was that enthralled with it. I did a search for learn good piano class for kids in SIngapore because I wanted her to learn from the best if she was going to take any type of lesson.

I knew that she would need to go somewhere for these lessons because we did not own a piano at the time. I had no problem getting her one if she stuck with this, but I wanted to make sure that she not only continued with her passion to learn how to play but also that she had the discipline to continue on with it. Even though I know very little about the piano, I did know that it was something that she was going to have to practice at on a very regular basis.

The music center that I chose is not that far from our house. I really like that the music instructors there all have degrees in music. I knew that they would have studied music to a deep level, and that is what I wanted for my daughter. When I took her there for her first lesson, she could not stop talking about it on the way home. After two weeks of lessons, I finally bought her a piano at home. She is still taking lessons, and she has grown so much. She even plays at church a little bit now!