What will customers expect from websites this year?

Lovely graphics, eye-catching design – we all want our web sites to look amazing; after all, we tend to judge a book by its cover. Sadly, however, what online retailers can fail to understand is the importance of going beyond aesthetics. Your developer needs to create a sophisticated marriage of site and SEO functionality. The site must engage the user and be an effortless experience, so how do you implement the standards your user will expect?

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Social media

Social media is your best friend – treat her with love and lavish her with time! Integrate all the major social media platforms within your design.

Email marketing

With social media now seen as the holy grail of marketing, email marketing is often forgotten; however, it is still very effective. Don’t overlook it.

Mobile ready

Predictions are that two thirds of e-commerce purchases will be made on a smartphone by 2020. Your mobile store must be easy to navigate, so don’t overload the content and over-confuse. A shopper will demand to be able to shop without giving 100 per cent concentration. We live in a multi-tasking world and there are many sites that will test the speed of yours. If this is one step too technical for you to achieve, hire an expert that provides web design and development in London, such as https://www.redsnapper.net.

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Fast loading

If you didn’t hear it before, it is time to listen up. We live in a fast world of multi-tasking and rush, rush, rushing! Your customers will not wait for a slow page to load, so use Google’s Pingdom to check your site’s speed.

Tracking enabled

Stats matter – you need to know that your site is doing its job. The design should embrace functionality, including essential indicators such as goals, traffic and conversions.


Optimisation, optimisation, optimisation. Compose relevant, readable content for your readers, and include on-page SEO tags and elements for the search engines.

Enabled CMS

Publish fresh and original content regularly. You want to keep your audience engaged whilst delivering long-term marketing momentum.

Conversion optimised

Create landing pages in your design. These will keep readers moving through your site, finally making that purchase.


Never compromise on security, both fundamental security and privacy protocols. It is essential to protect client data.