How Communication Skills Impact A Business?

In order to operate lucrative and successful business enterprises, it is crucial for all entrepreneurs to evolve and enhance their communication skills. In this context, these business owners have to recognize that it is just as essential to enhance their non-verbal communication skills, as it is to improve their verbal skills.  With adequate proficiency in the field of communication, a businessperson can negotiate effectively with his/her suppliers, motivate and generate loyalty among his/her employees, deal with various regulatory authorities and charm customers skillfully.

Influence of effective communication skills on Bardwil Industries

In the American textile industry, Bardwil Industries owes much of its success, prosperity and dominance to the effective communication skills of its proprietor, George Bardwil. Mr. Bardwil’s grandfather established this family-owned business in 1906. Since its inception, the company has been a dominant force in the American textile industry and a household name in the United States. With its headquarters at New Jersey, the company also conducts its business operations in the States of New York and Ohio. This prominent textile company has sixty employees in its payroll and specializes in the manufacture of high-quality textile products of the finest workmanship from the raw materials that it imports from the Oriental countries of India and China. Not only does the company boost of being a reputed wholesaler to a number of esteemed American retail companies but also has its own online presence to conducts its direct sale activities.


 Types of Communication skills and their relevance

Mr. Bardwil explains that it is essential for all entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the market environment in which they operate be proficient in the three critical communication skills:

1.      Writing skills

Regardless of whether a potential entrepreneur is search for a prospective investor to finance his/her start-up venture or enter into a partnership with like-minded people, it is imperative for that person to have outstanding and convincing writing skills. Businesspeople looking to raise capital can utilize their unique writing skills to devise and develop effective business strategy schemes and feasibility reports.

2.     Speaking skills

While having proficient writing skills is essential for any prospective entrepreneur trying to convince investors of the feasibility of his business plan, it is not enough. It is equally important for him/her to brush up his/her speaking skills when he/she meets such investors in person on the negotiation table to explain and elaborate on the scheme. Such skills are critical when the business owner gives presentations to clients, motivating and directing his/her employees, deal with suppliers and regulatory authorities.

3.     Listening Skills

Unfortunately, many businesspeople neglect the vital communication skill of listening that ultimately hampers the growth business organizations. At times, an entrepreneur may be a step behind his/her competitors when selling a unique product and listening to clients in the form of feedbacks and suggestions helps to determine imperfects in the product. Again, listening skills clears the air within an enterprise when such a person is communicating ideas to employees and asking them for their suggestions or solving problems.

George Bardwil says that it is vital for entrepreneurs to enhance the above skills to remain competitive in the market.