Primary required medical studies in infertility treatment

Infertility is the problem which should be well diagnosed and treated. In our times, infertility is very common among the matured families, reasons for such processes are numerous and there is no evidence to be shy or put the hand down on the way of getting pregnant. The professional consultation and individualized treatment process will help to identify the main problems and overcome infertility. ADONIS Fertility diagnostics is your proper choice!

The first initial consultation with a fertility-oriented skilled doctor in ADONIS is your first important step. The medical history review, test results analysis, individual peculiarities identification and next medical steps establishment – all of these crucial aspects are ensured in ADONIS. 

Primary required medical studies in infertility treatment: 

  • Infection status identifying (potential bacterial or viral infection which reduces the chances of getting pregnant) – both partners 
  • Hormonal balance examination – both partners
  • Pelvic organs ultrasound examination (potential pathology of