My Stretch Marks Are Almost Gone

After visiting an aesthetic clinic in Orchard, I feel a lot better about doing something about my stretch marks. I think a lot of my problems in this area are due to genetics, as I well remember my mother struggling with this issue after giving birth to us kids. It seemed to get worse after giving birth, but she always talked about starting to have problems with cellulite and stretch marks starting in her early twenties. She never did much about them other than to stop wearing bathing suits at the pool and making sure she dressed modestly in any given situation.

After I had my child, I noticed the stretch marks almost immediately. Unlike my mother, I had no intentions of not wearing a swimsuit or wearing whatever clothing I saw fit. I intended to do something about the marks and tried all sorts of creams and other home remedies in an effort to make them fade. The end result of those treatments? Nothing really improved. I still had visible marks and pockets of fat that looked like cottage cheese. So I resolved to escalate by finding a clinic and undergoing a more effective procedure.

The place I found in Orchard worked well for me. The people there understood the problem immediately, and they’ve got an enormous amount of experience with stretch marks and cellulite deposits. They’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of women get over this annoying problem. The procedure involves using lasers and/or sound waves to break down the deposits. The great thing is that the’ve got numerous options at their disposal. If one procedure doesn’t work, they simply try another one until they find a technique that works with your body. I underwent three procedures with the end result being no more stretch marks. They’re simply gone!