3 Common Office Moving Problems an how to Avoid Them

There’s always been a vision for your business and moving to a new office space is right up there on the list. When the time comes you carefully formulated a plan to facilitate the move to your new premises. Moving an office can be more stressful than moving your family and personal possessions. A business in the process of a move has the added challenge of maintaining a business as usual attitude to accommodate their customers. Moving day arrives and suddenly you’re in the thick of it and things are feeling pretty chaotic, not as smoothly as it looked on paper. Experience has shown there are 3 very common office moving problems that companies deal with despite careful planning.

  • Everything winds up in a state of chaos and not just because there are unforeseen problems like a broken elevator or air conditioner. A lack of proper planning can see staff still packing and running out of packing materials. Another issue crops up when the movers haven’t been given directions on how to set up the new space. Or maybe the day of the move you realize key support services were not informed of the move.To ensure a smooth transition here are some pointers.
  • Schedule regular meeting with all involved departments
  • Make staff accountable by confirming completion of tasks at set milestones
  • Do a walk through of the current and new space with your office movers beforehand
  • Delegate one person at the current and new office to be there before mover arrive, advise movers, contractors and staff of who that person is
  • If this is your first office move or a large scale move consider hiring a moving manager to assist your in house team

2) IT computers slow things down – Complications related to moving

computers and other IT equipment are avoidable. During a move

damage to equipment or difficulties with IT setup occur, backing up

data and hiring professional movers that specialize in this type of

move will eliminate problems.

3) Injury – The move can result in injuries to staff so go the extra mile

and make safety a priority. Hold a question and answer session you

may even want to provide a demonstration on the right way to lift and

move objects. Eliminate tripping hazards by keeping all hallways and

walkways clear of cords, debris etc.

Moving to a new office space is a huge undertaking, engaging experienced office movers takes the stress out of moving. Contact Vancouver Corporate Movers if you are looking for office movers in Vancouver BC.