4 Tips to Help Choose a Serviced Office Spaces in Singapore

Starting your own business is an exciting but daunting experience. There are so many elements that need to come together in order for you to succeed. With so much competition out there nowadays, you need a killer product or service that will really make you stand you from the crowd and grab some small portion of the market share. It can be an overwhelming time for even the most experienced business person, but with by making a few smart choices early on, you’ll give you new venture every chance of success.

Before you consider staff, marketing budgets, website design or even suppliers, you need to know where it is that you are going to launch your new venture. Singapore is an exciting city, strategically located between east and west, is home to a very attractive tax system and has some of the best infrastructure in the region. About 50,000 new …

3 Common Office Moving Problems an how to Avoid Them

There’s always been a vision for your business and moving to a new office space is right up there on the list. When the time comes you carefully formulated a plan to facilitate the move to your new premises. Moving an office can be more stressful than moving your family and personal possessions. A business in the process of a move has the added challenge of maintaining a business as usual attitude to accommodate their customers. Moving day arrives and suddenly you’re in the thick of it and things are feeling pretty chaotic, not as smoothly as it looked on paper. Experience has shown there are 3 very common office moving problems that companies deal with despite careful planning.

  • Everything winds up in a state of chaos and not just because there are unforeseen problems like a broken elevator or air conditioner. A lack of proper planning can see staff

Ministry of Health unveils new plan for Office of Healthcare Transformation

The Singapore Ministry of Health has recently announced that the president of the National University of Singapore and the Minister of the Ministry of Health will be partnering together to create a brand-new MOH Office designated as the Healthcare Transformation Office, designed to find new and innovative ways to serve the people of Singapore with better healthcare options to meet the demands of the modern world.

Understanding that the world of healthcare is ever-changing and shifting, sometimes on what feels like a day to day basis, the Ministry of Health has been trying to find as many ways as possible to capitalize on new opportunities, new technologies, new collaborative solutions with the businesses, educators, and government organizations throughout Singapore to make sure that the citizens have the best possible health care available no matter what.

This new office is designed to look at healthcare solutions that aren’t just going to …