Manage a 40 Hour Work Week More Efficiently

A central part of the American Dream is the 40 hour workweek. You graduate from college and get a standard 9-5 job. You punch in, do your job, and then go home at the end of the day to spend a restful evening with friends and family. After 30 years of working the 9-5, you retire and spend your days playing golf or hiking or puttering around in your garden.


This process is embedded deeply into American folklore. Immigrants come to United States and are willing to work excruciating hours so that their children might be able to only work 40 hours per week. The country band “Alabama” performed a song entitled “40 Hour Week (For A Livin’)”, which was a salute to America’s blue-collar workers. The song included the stirring words:

Hello Detroit auto workers, let me thank you for your time

You work a forty hour week …

How to use energy more efficiently

Using energy efficiently is very important. By doing it, people can cut down on their energy costs, stop relying on oil and gas suppliers and help protect the environment. What is important in energy efficiency is that it be implemented into all stages of the energy chain.

The current EU target for energy savings by the year 2020 is 20 percent. This is the rough equivalent of turning off approximately four hundred power stations. And for the year 2030, the European Commission proposed a goal of 30 percent and countries agreed on the goal being set at 27 percent or more. For more information visit:


To improve energy efficiency in Europe, there are a number of measures being implemented. Firstly, there is an annual reduction of 1.5 percent in energy sales on a national level and renovations to at least 3 percent of government buildings. Another measure is the …