Birds Walking Around Near My Customers

At my pizza restaurant, the customers like to eat outside, especially since the pandemic. They feel much safer being in the open air where they can enjoy their food while not having to worry about being in an area that allows for easy virus transmission. Unfortunately, the pigeons also like being in the open air, because they live outside. While my customers eat, the pigeons would come around them. They didn’t mind being around humans, but humans mind being around them. I didn’t want to harm the pigeons, but I wanted them gone, so I called a bird control company to take care of the situation.

The company told me that they could easily get rid of my pigeon problem by using a deterrent that would drive them away from my pizza restaurant and keep them from coming back. I scheduled for them to come to the restaurant while it was still closed so that they wouldn’t have to work while the customers were dining. They put down their deterrent, and I watched as the pigeons came near the restaurant, but then moved away. It was the craziest thing, but I was glad that it worked.

I was so pleased with the results that the bird control company did, I gave them a voucher for a free meal anytime they wanted. I even took a photo of them to hang on the inside of the restaurant. They are welcome anytime they want to come in and have a slice. As for the birds, they’ve gone to other areas in search of food. Some of the other restaurants don’t mind having them walk around, as long as they don’t come inside, but there are some that would like to get rid of them. I’ve given them the number of the company that I used to get rid of my pigeons.