Looking Good for the Wedding

For my brother’s wedding, I wanted to look my best. I got my teeth whitened, I had a manicure, and I even got a laser treatment from the aesthetic doctors in Singapore to grow my hair back from its thinner state. I was perfectly fine with just wearing hats before, but since this was a special occasion, I wanted to take the extra step. My brother didn’t mind my hair and told me that I could come any way I wanted, as long as I was there and I was wearing a tuxedo. Even though he said this, I still felt better having more hair on my head.

The laser treatment caused the hair follicles in my head that had stopped growing the way they normally would to start growing again. What was once an area that looked like it was on the verge of going bald transformed into the full head of hair that I once knew when I was in my younger teenage years. When my brother saw my hair, he was shocked, because he didn’t think that it would be able to grow back in time for the wedding. Everyone else was just as surprised to see that I had done it.

At the day of the wedding, everyone had a good time, and my brother looked so happy to finally be married. People came up to me and talked to me as if they didn’t know that my hair used to be thin. We all just celebrated the moment and had a lot of food and a little too much to drink. I will probably have to do something for my own wedding to make myself look even better. Maybe I can finally get some of that excess fat around my belly taken away with some treatment in the clinic.