Review Roundup Of The Best Cable TV Providers 2017

Despite the popularity of streaming websites on the rise today, reliable cable service providers for less still remain very popular for most Americans. This can be because access to hundreds of channels on demand is easier than search the web of streaming websites or because DVR is still a thing for some, whatever the reason may be, cable is still alive and providing their services across the country.

We have all heard horror stories about dealing with cable companies and their services, but sometimes there are a few good apples within the bunch. Here’s a list of cable providers that might just be worth it.

1. Comcast XFINITY

Although Comcast XFINITY doesn’t score well in The American Customer Satisfaction Index or ACSI they are still one of the biggest cable companies in the country. Their services are available in 50 different states giving them the biggest coverage. The company also offers great bundle options for you to choose from and low initial costs. It might take a few hours to install and rates do go up after the initial installment period, but they offer over 260 channels for $100. It is more than good enough if you love to channel surf.

2. Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is the cable company that ranks the highest in ACSI with a score of 71. The reason why they are not number one on the list despite ranking high on the ACSI scale is that their availability is very limited. Their services are only available in select 13 states making it out of reach for many. For those lucky enough to be in those 13 states you get to experience clear and crisp picture even when there is a storm brewing. If you are located in a state where you can get Verizon FiOS, get a subscription from them!

3. AT&T

The next on the list is one of the most popular cell services in the country, AT&T. They rank just a few points below Verizon in the ACSI and the company offers over 500 different channels. Their services are available in just over 21 different states, which is already a good coverage. Those who already have a cell service with AT&T may stand to get better deals from the company when they subscribe to the many bundles offered by AT&T.

4. Time Warner Cable

As the fourth largest cable provider in the country it seems like Time Warner Cable should be higher on the list, sadly they are known for their really low ACSI ranking of 51. They still earn a spot on the list because the company has merged with other companies to extend their reach and provide services for over 40 different states. Together the power house of Charter Communications, Bright House, and Time Warner Cable is collectively called the Charter Spectrum TV. They offer good bundle deals that are worth checking out.

When it comes to finding reliable cable services for less you need to go for those with the highest ACSI scores provided they are available in your area. Ask about bundles, promos, and deals to help cut costs and still experience the joy that is on demand viewing entertainment.

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