Whether to use animation or live action video production London services

The film is a fantastic tool for organisations to use to communicate with their target audience. Typically, animation or live action films are used, and each has their distinct advantages. Read on to find out more about each type and how they can help your organisation.

It is becoming increasingly common to see organisations in all industries to use film to reach their target audience. This is because the film is a particularly engaging form of media that can also make it very simple to convey complex messages. These films can be used to advertise, inform, update, educate, recruit or simply entertain. When uploaded to highly visible spaces, they can be much more effective than other media formats such as text or image.

Usually, businesses will either use animation or live action film to communicate their desired message. Here is what you need to know about both and how to decide which one is best for your organisation.


Live action

Live action (using cameras) is a fantastic way to advertise products. You can show various angles, show the product in action and zoom in on important parts. It is also a great way to build a connection with the audience when you use people in the video—this is particularly effective when you use talking heads of people commenting on your business. For a corporate film where you showcase what your organisation is about, a live action film allows you to show the important people, the building, the manufacturing process and much more.

Live action can be expensive due to the equipment that is required (and possibly actors), but it is also relatively quick to produce when you use the services of the best video production London agencies.


Animations have become hugely popular with organisations that need to explain a message. You do not have the limitations that live action brings, making it quick and easy to visualise complex messages. Consequently, the animation is a better option for businesses that provide a service instead of manufacturing a product. In addition to this, an animation is a form that people find particularly engaging and impressive. By using appealing characters, bold colours and appropriate music, an animation can be extremely successful in conveying a message and winning over viewers.

Animation can take a long time to produce, but it is also more affordable than live action as there is less equipment and a much smaller production team.

These are the key differences between live action and animation when used for promotional purposes. Both are extremely effective and much more engaging than traditional media formats, but each has their unique advantages.

Once you are happy with the final product and you are confident that it will engage your target audience and communicate your desired message, you will need to upload it to highly visible spaces online. This should include social media channels, YouTube and your organisation’s website. Due to the speed and reach of the internet, it will not take long for results to begin to show.