Odd Ways Of Making Money Online


There are many online jobs that people can find and do however getting your foot in the door so to speak when it comes to making money online can be very challenging. The task of training oneself to be self sufficient by means of the computer is a scary thought if you are not prepared to embrace the change. Here we go into some simple examples of crazy ways people made money online without any previous experience or help.

#1 Invent a Simple and Unique Toy Concept

Even Though the internet was just a concept at the time the application is the same. In 1975 a man named Gary Dahl invented something that was so strange and unique it struck a chord with many peoples across a wide range of age groups. His idea was the bizarre idea of a “Pet Rock”. In quite possibly the best example of efficiency this man took a simple concept and applied it to the simplest and most common of things. With little modification and almost no time he was able to take something that was free and sell it for $3.95 (today’s value approx $13). This example goes to show that someone can become rich with just and idea and some ambition as he did not spend time researching the market place. He simple had a great idea and ended up making $56 million dollars from it. It just goes to show that you don’t need to go inventing a life saving water filter to make a product people will use.

#2 Virtual farming

You might need to have a background in video gaming however this idea is a relatively new one and some people have managed to turn a hobby into a way of making some good money. The concept is that with a lot of online games there is the task of completing certain routine or boring things which in turn makes you a form of currency within the game. This currency is then used to purchase in game items. The hook is that many people do not want to waste their valuable play time by doing these typically low action tasks. Here comes the virtual farmer. With many online opportunities to make a few dollars and not have to do too much work here is the one for the gamers. All you have to do as a “virtual farmer” is to take on these tasks spending the most time doing repetitive things such as “cutting down trees” or “mining” in the game and collect an assortment of in game currency. All you need to do is then join a few online forums discussing the game and you will surely find someone who would rather pay you in real money in exchange for the virtual currency that you have collected. This is a great way for those who have a background or at least an interest in online multiplayer gaming.

#3 Domain Acquisition

This idea does take a bit more thought and will cost some money up front. The main idea behind this is that a lot of things become super popular or a t least begin to before the company owner or people responsible have thought to make the name of the product or item be incorporated into the domain name of a website. The trick is that you need to find something that you think will become popular in the near future. An example of this was how a man named Chris Clark who owner the website www.pizza.com. This was just a simple pizza directory and he did not intend to sell it when he first started it. However as you could imagine the lucrative nature of a website solely referred to as pizza.com. Chris ended up making a fortune to the tune of 2.6 million. If you are going to try this idea of making money be sure to do your research and do not purchase too many domains as they may not be re-sellable.

#4 Data Consolidation

If you have an analytical mind and you do not mind completing repetitive tasks then you might want to look into providing your services as a data compiler. What this means is that you can make money by up dating other websites online resources. For example if there is a commercial website that depends on a glossary of terms for making multiple references to both internally and externally from the website they will want to have it updated regularly. Getting you foot in the door with a major website by providing low difficulty but yet important updates regarding current information is a great way to make some extra cash.

We hope you found these ideas helpful on your way to becoming independent with your online business ventures no matter what it is. Remember that it takes some imagination and some planning to really make a successful run at doing something unique. So don’t fly off the handle too quick or you might end up losing anything you have already put in whether it be time or money.