The Top Advantages of Double-Sided Banners for Your Company and Brand

Having a double-sided banner is not just about being able to showcase your brand or product from both sides – sometimes there are other advantages to be gained. Neither is it about scoring a double whammy for less than the cost it would require for two banners (although that is indeed a real advantage). It’s about being smart about your marketing requirements, and about maximising your efforts and ensuring your promotional tools work to their full potential. If you’ve never heard of double-sided banners or are still wondering what they can do for you, this one’s for you: here are the top advantages of double-sided banners for your company and your brand.

Twice the effectiveness

When you think about it, this is just a matter of common sense; if you don’t print on the other side of your banner, then you’ve got a large area of space that is not productive. Even if the back is not often seen, it’s still a waste of space if there is nothing to see.


But there’s more to it, of course – it’s about being flexible as well. Some events call for a younger crowd, some for a more mature audience. Some events are designed for men, some for women. The simple fact is: if you have a banner that can display two different messages (or the same message to different crowds), you have a lot more options. It makes you more effective and it makes you more flexible to the situation at hand.


If you decide to have your banner printed on both sides, you’ll be saving money – it’s a lot less expensive to print both sides of one banner rather than having two banners made. The simple fact of saving material makes you cost-effective.


For the environmentally friendly people among us, this is a great option: you’ve got two for one, so you save a lot of material – and hence, you save resources.

If we are to be honest, double-sided pull up banners will not always be necessary – after all, if you’re planning to place your banner against the wall, nobody will see the back side so the back side sits there being ineffective. On the other hand – and this is very important – having your banner printed on both sides means you can choose which side you want to display, and for traveling salespeople in the know, this is a big deal. You have two messages to choose from whilst you have to lug around only one canvas. It’s important to be flexible, practical, and pragmatic. It’s important to have options. When all is said and done, that’s exactly what the double-sided banner brings: options. You choose. You decide. You make it happen for less the cost and half the trouble.

Image attributed to Stuart Miles/