BEE consulting services can be utilized by any businesses wanting to get BEE accredited.

BEE consulting services can be utilized by any businesses wanting to get BEE accredited. It allows businesses to reap the full benefits and not miss out just because they may not have knowledge of vital information. It works by having a consultant come into the business and access the paperwork and business setting in general. After an initial scope of the business, the BEE consultant will lay out a plan that they feel will be the best motion for the business to go forward with, in respect of becoming BEE accredited. This takes a couple of hours of work for which the business will be billed per hour. It is the better alternative to having an unqualified person within the business attempt to get the ball rolling or bringing in someone on a full time schedule.

BEE consulting is cost effective in this way but the pricing can be brought down even further. This is through SEDA funding. Accessing it is a bit tricky but BEE consulting will make this a reality. The government knows that BEE is there to bring about change to the country for the better, so there are incentives put into place to make BBB-EE more appealing to businesses. The financial factor is always the bottom line when dealing with a business. They need to know that undertaking this task will not bring down their profit margins and such. On the contrary, BEE consulting can only be cheapened through government funding but can actually help the business in being more successful.


Not being BEE accredited may cause the business to lose out on future sales. This is because one of the factors in gaining points is by doing business with an accredited BEE supplier. So if your business does not have a BEE certificate then you probably will not make the cut from many supplier. The same goes for government contracts and tenders. You have to be BEE accredited to even be considered. This is not the end of the line though. If the business has any competition offering the same products and that company has a higher BEE rating then the contract or business will definitely go to them. Sales goes down, customers go away and eventually the business begins running at a loss.

This is due to more points being earned from a business with a higher score. BEE consulting is therefore a necessary to ensure this score is the highest it can be. This is the one core reasons why many companies are now clamouring to get BEE accredited and why they are choosing to go the route of hiring a BEE consulting firm. There may be an initial cost payable by the business but this is more than returned down the road. Many businesses did not have the foresight to see this coming and are now paying the price for it. BEE points cannot just be awarded. It takes time and strategy to plan out and implement. Therefore, it should be seen as an investment of sorts for the company’s future.
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