Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles on Contentmart

Contentmart is an online marketplace for freelance writers and for clients who are looking for content work done for their blogs, social media channels, promotions, websites, etc. Contentmart, which started in May 2015 boasts as India’s first evercontent outsourcing portal with more than 5000 successful orders with +16,000 qualified freelancers and +20,000 registered clients.

Whether it is a media house or a marketplace for article writing, writing for both of them is a serious responsibility and as the proud new age internet writers, we must never forget the golden rules of journalism ‘Accuracy over mediocrity’, ‘fairness and truthfulness over hypocrisy and plagiarism’. Thanks to the Internet and portals like Contentmart, the demand for freelance writers is higher than ever and that’s great news to all the wordsmith out there.


We have listed down a list of five tips that help you move forward and build a solid reputation on Contentmart and as well in your writing career.

a) Never procrastinate…

As a freelance writer, when you win an order, don’t procrastinate. Make sure you had enough download from the client via the inbuilt chat system, ask all your questions, and clear all of your doubts. Sitting on your projects is not a good sign, fellow scribes! It’s a bad business practice and just like how you would respect the deadline when you were working in an organisation, it’s equally important to adhere the deadlines set up by clients.

b) Spend some time on effective research.

Whether it’s content for product description or social media promotion, make sure your content is created from the best-sourced material. Factually correct information is a must. Ample amount of research on the topic will help you achieve superior quality content and a happy and satisfied client.

c) Don’t commit when you can’t deliver or unsure. Be crystal clear.

As a writer on Contentmart, you must be very careful with the numbers of freelance writing jobs you are bidding. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too many projects at one time. This will not only affect the quality of your content, but an unsatisfied client can hurt your reputation score as well. Be very clear to your client about the delivery of your content and if need be, ask your client for an extended deadline when you are unsure of finishing the work on time.

d) Ask for references

The more you know about what the client wants the easier it becomes to create high quality content for the client. Ask for references from the client, understand the tone of content required, if it’s an e-commerce product description content then ask for a sample for the same.

e) Be proactive and provide your honest opinion.

Client’s like writers who calls a spade a spade, it makes things easier for them. Use your years of experience as a content writer to guide your clients rather than just doing what’s been asked of you like a robot. Be proactive and suggest them alterations and alternatives that will help you deliver superior quality content.