7 Small Bedroom Ideas to Make your Home Look Bigger


Sometimes your small bedroom seems to you like cave than a convenient and cozy shelter. If your room or your home lacks sufficient smart storage, natural light or the perfect color palette, then it can even feel uncomfortable and cramped as well. But if you choose the correct techniques only then your smallest rooms can even be much more inviting, progressively multi- functional and absolutely elegant. Well, you can learn some professional tips to turn your living room, bedroom and storage room into a cozy refuge for family, friends or you giving it a perfect look of deluxe one bedroom in NYC.

1.      Spread it out: Pushing your furniture against wall never an assurance of providing a bigger space. So always attempt angling the bed or floating your couch in your living room with thin console just behind it. Open room around the furniture offers you the ultimate look of more space.

2.      Paint with the light hues: Don’t try to go for dark colors. Though they are absolutely design- friendly but dark colors also make your room look smaller. Always stick to light and soft colors like cream, white, blue and pale greys to keep it simply open, light and airy.

3.      Go for multifunctional pieces: Invest your money in furniture that offers several functions in a modest way to modernize your room. Always try to go for an antique steamer trunk or a divan with intrinsic storage to tuck in books and blankets for clean look.

4.      Use of mirrors: Well, mirrors are believed to be the quickest and easiest method of giving your home a larger look. Nowadays, glass and even Lucite pieces are completely in style as they offer added function without taking up visual space.

5.      Go for one-color: Always try to paint the walls, trim and even detailing in the various shades of only one color like off- white, white and light brown to expand your room.

6.      Pop up the ceilings: While light colors open up a room, always going for the dark ceilings create deepness while fun stuffs draw the eye upward, making an illusion of the height.

7.      Uncovered window: Natural light always offers your room depth. So it is recommended to uncover your window.

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